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The Last Warm Rays  original 
custom framed 16"x20" SOLD!   signed limited edition print              16x20     100.00  
Other sizes also available                                   
Rivers Edge   11" x 14" original SOLD
signed limited edition prints available
Out of the Den
 11" x 14"
Prints available
Try Again!          SOLD                                     950.00
1 of the Top 30 in the Art For Alaska Parks 2014! Custom framed
Unexpected Visitor    
second place  Art for Alaska parks Competition! 2015                     sold
prints available
Laurie Cartwright
Kayuktuk Watches  15" x 5"   Signed Limited Edition prints     45.00
​The Great Ones
​13" x 16"       SOLD       Prints available
Moving Waters  11 1/4" x 15"                                    print available
Jewel creek original  13.5" x 16.5"
prints available
Deadly Beauty   8" x 10"  prints available
Bare Feet 8 x 10     SOLD   prints available
Lunch Break 19" x 5.5  prints available
Sea Otter Slumber     8" x 10    original Sold  Prints available
Perched   11 x14. Custom Framed original 650.00
The Fledgling.  SOLD prints available
Raven Calls the Sun  prints available
​Signed Limited edition prints available from all paintings!

Golden Eye 12" x 15"     custom framed
Schools In!   Original sold
 26"long  prints available
Shore Break    
custom framed                 original 400.00
​ 15" x 5"
 Christmas Mischief!  8"x10"  Who Me?  8" x10"
  original paintings    350.00
    Cards 5.00 each
Autumn Splendor
Original sold
Prints Available
Grandmother Mango. 11 x 14. sold prints available
Warm Respite. 11" x 14"  prints available
You Are My Sunshine. 8" x 10"
original sold
prints available
prints available
Simple Beauty 8" x 10" custom framed.   450.00
Perfect Imperfection 8" x 10" custom framed.  450.00
Christmas cards 5.00 each
Shoo Fly 8" x 10"      450.00
Bumblebee Butt!  prints available
Bumblebee Beauty. prints available
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